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Boilers EcoChip 150 and 300 are intended for burning wood chip and pellets. Both fuels are renewable energy sources, and their use for customers provides great savings.

The system provides users with great working comfort and minimal maintenance requirements. Boilers are equipped with automatic fuel dosing /supply , automatic ignition and multiple levels of thermal protection.
Boiler technology with most modern components makes it very safe in operation and easy to handle. Thanks to the modular construction, boiler installation is very simple.
The Ecochip boilers have the minimum emissions and maximum usability, regardless of the strength of the work, thanks to the most advanced control system with the built-in Lambda probe, whereby the combustion at any time adjusts the heating power.

The advantages of our boilers and plants are:
- Easy control and managing
- Require little space and thanks to the modular design it is easy to manipulate
- Low power consumption
- Maximum usability regardless of workforce
- Made of high quality materials
- Low emissions of harmful gases

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Advantages Chip Eco boiler in compared to other in the region are:

  • It is designed to burn wood chips and pellets
  • Automatic control is equipped with a lambda probe
  • Low fuel cost
  • Automatic cleaning of the firebox, heat exchanger with the release of ash
  • The great autonomy in work
  • easy maintenance
  • Big savings with minimal effort (human factor is minimized) 

The boiler is designed for industrial and buildings that have high demand for energy. Heating with the wood chip is most cost-effective long-term investment. The biggest advantage of this is that the boiler can burn wood chip with high level of humidity. In calculations approximately 3 m3 of dry wood chip replacing one ton of pellets. Wood chip price is low because to prepare it  is not required production halls and complexes.


Objects heating with wood chip is much cheaper than pellets.

  • 1 ton of pellets = 3 m3 chips
  • 1 ton of pellets = 150 EUR
  • 3 m3 chips = 55  EUR

Regulation with the color touch display is very easy to operate and control of the boiler operation. The combustion chamber is made of special high-temperature-resistant material that provides full utilization of all energy sources (pellets, wood chip) used.

  • Combustion is managed by lambda probe . It continuously monitors and controls the flue gases by supplying primary and secondary air, so we have always perfect combustion regardless of the fuel used. The end result is low fuel consumption and low emissions.
  • System for automatic cleaning the combustion chamber are always providing a perfect ignition and air supply for combustion.
  • Lambda probe managing combustion. It continuously monitors and controls the flue gas by supplying primary and secondary air so we have always perfect combustion regardless of the fuel used. The result is low fuel consumption and low emissions .
  • System for automatic cleaning the combustion chamber are always providing a perfest ignition and air supply for combustion.
  • The built-in mechanism for cleaning tubular heat exchanger with the turbulators turns on during operation of the boiler, which is constantly ensured a clean surface.
  • Ejecting the ash from combustion chamber in the moving boxes
  • The boiler is equipped with the multi-level thermal protection

Other information

Table of all tehnical data
J.M. EcoChip 150 EcoChip 300
General information
1 Maximum power kW 150 300
2 Minimum power kW 50


3 Electrical connection (Voltage/Frequency) V,Hz 400 / 50 400/50
4 Flue gases temperature °C <160


5 Maximum permited pressure bar 3 6
6 Maximum permited boiler temperature °C 85 85
7 Minimal permited returt temperature °C 60 60
8 Fuel Wood chip / pellet Wood chip / pellet
Tehnical data for boiler and connections
1 Boiler widht mm 2300 3700
2 Boiler hight / with bypass mm 2000 / 2430 2500
3 Boiler depth mm 1300 1600
4 Water capacity l 420 770
5 Widht (ventilator – boiler – doser) mm 3100 4610
6 Boiler weight kg 1250 4350
7 Inlet/outlet hight mm 1900/160 2080/615
8 Minimum chimney vacuum Pa / mbar 20-30 / 0,2 - 0,3 20-30 / 0,2 - 0,3
9 Flue outlet hight mm 2000 2170
10 Flue outlet diameter Ø 250 300


Torsion arm woodchip supplier

Fuel feeder is equipped with flame protection
The automatic cleaning of the burner and the ejection of the ash into the ash box gives great comfort. The ash is ejected into wheeled boxes