The boiler is made of a combustion chamber and two vertical exchangers, with screw-connection. This modular construction makes it easier to transport and install the boiler in the boiler room. The standard tank we offer with the boiler is 2200 kg. Other dimensions can be made according to user wishes. The tank can be positioned according to the condition in the room where boiler is installed.

The boiler combustion chamber is coated with a special material that ensures high combustion temperature and therefore a high degree of energy utilization. After each time the boiler shuts off, the burner is automatically cleaned. Automatic ignition is ensured by industrial fan.
The heat exchangers have built-in turbulators, which are automatically cleaned by an electric motor.

There are two copper heat exchanger built into the boiler, to which thermal valves are connected, which, when overheated, cool the boiler. (Thermal valves are supplied with the boiler). The boiler has multiple fire and ignition protection.

Microprocessor control with color touch display is equipped with a lambda probe, which at all times provides ideal combustion, energy utilization and minimal emission of harmful gases. The control manages the operation of the storage tank, the mixing valve motor, the boiler pump and the heating circuit pump. The controller can be connected to a SMS Modem that sends work -error messages and can be used to read the current boiler status.

The boiler utilization rate is over 90%. Emission of harmful gases is minimal and meets all European standards in force.



Pellet silo

GSM modem

By using a cell phone and by sending an appropriate SMS message, it is possible to perform a reading of the boiler status

Other information

Table of all tehnical data
J.M. EcoChip 250P
General information
1 Maximum power kW 250
2 Minimum power kW 85
3 Electrical connection (Voltage/Frequency) V,Hz 400 / 50
4 Flue gases temperature °C <160
5 Maximum permited pressure bar 3
6 Maximum permited boiler temperature °C 80
7 Minimal permited returt temperature °C 60
8 Fuel Wood chip
Tehnical data for boiler and connections
1 Boiler widht mm 2300
2 Boiler hight / with bypass mm 2000 / 2430
3 Boiler depth mm 1600
4 Water capacity l 650
5 Widht (ventilator – boiler – doser) mm 3700
6 Boiler weight kg 1800
7 Inlet/outlet hight mm 1900/160
8 Minimum chimney vacuum Pa / mbar 20-30 / 0,2 - 0,3
9 Flue outlet hight mm 2000
10 Flue outlet diameter Ø 250
EcoChip 250 P with silo
Intersection EcoChip 250 P