EcoLogic boiler is a high-grade boiler in the range of the best boilers in the European market. It came as a result of the cooperation of our experts with the institutes in Germany and Austria.

Why is the best?

The EcoLogic pellet boiler is equipped with the latest generation of specially constructed burner and functions for automatic cleaning grate and the heat exchanger. These features are representative of the best boilers that can be found in the market today.

The boiler provides users with great comfort and minimal maintenance. They are equipped with automatic fuel loading, automatic ignition, multi-level thermal protection and automatic cleaning. The control unit  adjusting combustion  to the requirements of the heating system, with emissions reduced to a minimum. Technology in production and a series of proven technical innovations with the most advanced components makes them very safe in operation and easy to manage.
With the option of controling over internet, gives a great deal of autonomy and flexibility in their operation.


Dodatne informacije


Control of the boiler is very simple.
Electronic regulation supports the connection of up to three circulation pumps, mixing valve motor, buffer tank and sanitary water boiler. It can be customized for many different ways of connecting to central heating installations.
The boiler burning chamber is made from a special material that provides high combustion temperature and therefore a high degree of energy utilization. The boiler has automatic grate-cleaning systems in the burner and heat exchangers, which ensures the  flawless operation of the boiler. Cleaning the ash box is required 1-2 times a month. Complete cleaning of the boiler is required once a year.

Remote control

As accessories can be ordered module to connect via the Internet. The user can through applications have full control of the boiler (ON/OFF, change power, temperature or program it).

Other information

Tabela sa pregledom tehničkih podataka
J.M. EcoLogic 35
Opći podaci
1 Maksimalna snaga kW 35
2 Minimalna snaga kW 11
3 Elektropriključak (Napon / Frekvencija) V,Hz 220 V, 50 Hz
4 Elektropriključak (Struja) A 10
5 Klasa kotla 5
6 Maksimalni dozvoljeni radni pritisak bar 3
7 Maksimalna dozvoljena temperatura odlaza °C 80
8 Minimalna dozvoljena temperatura povrata °C 60
9 Gorivo PELET C1 po EN 303-5:2012 Tabela 7;
Sadržaj vlage manji od 12%
10 Potrošnja peleta    min / max kg 2,35 / 7,5
11 Količina peleta u  spremniku  kg 280
12 Minimalna dimenzija otvora za dovod svježeg zraka cm 30 x 10
Tehnički podaci kotla i priključci
1 Širina kotla  mm 1561
2 Visina kotla mm 1535
3 Dubina kotla mm 758
4 Sadržaj vode u kotlu l 80
5 Težina kotla kg 420
6 Visina odvoda/ povrat mm 685 / 1407
7 Minimalni podtlak dimnjaka Pa / mbar 5 / 0,05
8 Visina  dimovodnog izlaza mm 1566
9 Prečnik dimovodnog izlaza Ø 130
Presjek EcoLogic 35