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EcoLogic boiler is a high-grade boiler in the range of the best boilers on the European market. It came as a result of the cooperation of our experts with the institutes in Germany and Austria.

Why is the best?

The EcoLogic pellet boiler is equipped with the latest generation of a specially constructed combustion chamber, providing high combustion temperature and therefore a high degree of energy utilization.

The boiler has an automatic grate and pipe exchangers-cleaning system, which ensures the ignition and flawless boiler operation. Cleaning the ash box is the only job that the user is doing when cleaning. The box discharge interval depends on the model and boiler time. Complete cleaning of the boiler is required once a year.

The possibility of internet connection or the operation of the three heating circuits and the mixing valve motor provide the user with the high comfort with a minimum heating cost.


Additional information


Control of the boiler is very simple.
The boiler is equipped with one of the more modern microprocessor controls. Managing and controlling the boiler is very simple.
Electronic regulation supports the connection of up to three circulation pumps, mixing valve motor, buffer tank and sanitary water boiler. It can be customized for many different ways of connecting to central heating installations.

The boiler burning chamber is made from a special material that provides high combustion temperature and therefore a high degree of energy utilization. The boiler has automatic grate-cleaning systems in the burner and heat exchangers, which ensures the  flawless operation of the boiler.

Remote control

As an accessory, you can order an internet connection module that is compatible with all Android devices. The user can have full control of the boiler via the application (enable / disable, change power, temperature or program it).

Other information

Table of all tehnical data
J.M. EcoLogic 35
General information
1 Maximum power kW 35
2 Minimum power kW 11
3 Electrical connection (Voltage/Frequency) V,Hz 220 V, 50 Hz
4 Electrical connection (Current) A 10
5 Boiler class 5
6 Max permited pressure bar 3
7 Max permited temperature °C 80
8 Min permited return temperature °C 60
9 Fuel PELET C1 according to EN 303-5:2012 Table 7;
Moisture content less than 12%
10 Pellet consumption min / max kg 2,35 / 7,5
11 Pellet silo capacity kg 160
12 Min. entrance for fresh air cm 30 x 10
Tehnical data for boiler and connections
1 Boiler width mm 1561
2 Boiler height mm 1535
3 Boiler depth mm 758
4 Boiler water content l 80
5 Boiler weight kg 420
6 Outlet / Inlet height mm 685 / 1407
7 Min chimney vakuum Pa / mbar 5 / 0,05
8 Flue pipe height mm 1566
9 Flue pipe diameter Ø 130
Intersection EcoLogic 35