Minitherm AQUA

8,5 kW

Pellet stove Minitherm AQUA has a  water exchanger and it is intended for central heating systems. Most of the energy is transferred to the water through radiators and the rest through the glass on the stove.  It has built-in circulation pump and expansion vessel, and due to its small dimensions it is an ideal solution for apartments.

Heats up to 60 square meters of well-insulated living space. Stove management is very easy. The possibility of programmed ignition and extinguishing gives you great autonomy in operation.

The possibility of programmed ignition and shut-off (4 times daily ignition, 4 times daily shutting off), and the possibility of connecting a room thermostat that extinguishes a stove when reaching the specified temperature, provides the comfort of fully automatic warming up your home whenever you want.

Other information

Table of all technical data
RB   J.M Minitherm AQUA
1 Power range of work kW 3 - 8,5
2 Heat transfer to the water kW 6,5
3 Heat in space kW 2
4 The water content in the furnace L 23
5 Under-pressure chimneys mbar 0,05/0,1
6 Starting / rebound line inch 3/4''
7 Temp. flue gas oC cca160
8 Max. working temperature oC 85
9 Max working pressure Bar 3
10 The height to the middle of the flue mm 198,5
11 Depth mm 575
12 Width mm 480
13 Height mm 945
14 Performance shell and available colors ceramics red
15 The diameter of the flue mm 80
16 Height of drain / return mm 321 /321
17 Fuel Tank kg 18
18 El. power nominal / max W 80 / 330
19 Min / Max temp. outlet water oC 65 / 85
20 Dimensions of glass mm 330x220x4
21 Min / Max consumption of pellets kg/h 0,6 - 1,7
22 Fuel - Pellet
23 Excerpt flue pipe (up / back) back
Furnace dimensions
Background furnaces and terminal arrangements 
Minitherm AQUA