Solid fuel boilers

In accordance with market requirements and experiences, ThermoFLUX has also developed a solid fuel boiler. The boiler is designed for combustion of all types of solid fuels (wood, coal, briquettes). The boiler is intended for heating residential and small business buidings.

TK boiler are made of high-quality steel sheets of 5 mm thick in the burner and is produced in power of 20, 28, 35 and 45 kW.

It is constructed with a pipe exchanger that provides much better utilization, compared to classic solid fuel boilers. The pipe exchanger increases the surface through which the heat is transferred to the water, reduces the flue gas temperature and thus reduces the energy consumption.

The base of the combustion chamber is made up of massive iron cast grid which, at high temperatures, remains unformed and retains heat for a long time.
Fire, burner and cleaning doors are made boiler- wide so that boiler maintenance is very easy. The boiler has factory-fitted openings for connecting a thermal valve or an open expansion vessel.

The boiler is supplied with assembled sheeting, boiler water thermostat and cleaning utensils.

Dodatna oprema

The boiler TK is a unique designed solid fuel boiler, having a tube heat exchanger.

Horizontal tube exchanger increases the energy consumption and reduces unnecessary heat losses.

Masive iron cast grades form the basis of the combustion chamber and remain undeformed even at the highest temperatures.
Large doors allow easy burning and cleaning of the boiler. The construction of the boiler ensures high yield and full combustion of the fuel.
Konstrucija kotla obezbjeđuje visoko iskorištenje i potpuno izgaranje energenta.

Other information

Table of all tehnical data
J.M TK 20 TK 28 TK 35 TK 45
1 Heating effect kW 15-22 23-30 33-40 40-50
2 Water capacity l 55 65 85 95
3 Boiler wight kg 251 283 323 363
4 Input/Output pipe ' 5/4'' 5/4'' 5/4'' 5/4''
5 Max working temperature C 85 85 85 85
6 Maximum permited pressure bar 3 3 3 3
7 A Center of flue outlet hight mm 1000 1000 1000 1000
8 B Boiler depth mm 795 795 940 1070
9 C Boiler widht mm 415 515 515 515
10 D Boiler height mm 1255 1255 1255 1255
11 F Flue pipe diameter mm 160 160 160 180
12 G Input/output hight mm 1285/405 1285/405 1285/405 1285/405
13 Min/Max water temperature on outlet C 55/85 55/85 55/85 55/85
14 Loading door dimensions (hight x widht) mm 250x240 250x340 250x340 250x340
15 Max lenght of wood log mm 410 410 550 680
16 Fuel -- Wood/ coal Wood/ coal Wood/ coal Wood/ coal
17 Chimney outlet - back -- nazad nazad nazad nazad
Solid Fuel Boilers