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Wood pellet boilers "Pelling" 25, 35, 50, 75, 100 kW


















Hot water boiler type “Pelling” is a modern and fully automated wood pellet burning boiler designed for heating family houses and smaller production facilities. The “Pelling” is of a modern design and build quality with high technology level of wood pellet burning.

It represents excellent substitute for oil and gas burning boilers.

Boilers are equipped with high quality control unit that regulates optimum feed of pellet to firebox in accordance to requirements. Integrated exhaust fan helps to achieve maximum burnout of pellet. Burnout ash falls into ash pan just below the firebox.

Increased consumption of pellet causes increased amount of ash which implies regular cleaning. Cleaning process is simple and involves emptying of ash pan and removal of deposit from the boilers sides.

The control unit regulates outlet water temperature in accordance to user predefined values. It reduces burner’s power as the true value of the water temperature approaches to required values. With drop of water temperature control unit increases the burner’s power.

The “Pellet” boiler is constructed in such way that by placing a grate in firebox it can burn firewood.

Boilers are made from quality steel that insures long-lasting life.

The “Pelling” comes in sizes of 25, 35, 50 , 75 and 100 kW.



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Three-pass boiler design provides maximum high efficiency.


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